About us

We are a technology company dealing mainly with the efficient production, distribution and consumption of energy. We offer innovative solutions. We want to improve the world around us and contribute to a sustainable future.

We have developed Energy Storage devices and EV charging stations that, when coupled with our unique Powered by Olife hardware and software technology;

  • Do great things in an even smarter way
  • Enhance integration with small renewable/ self-generation (solar, wind, etc) - Greater self-usage of self-generated power
  • Innovative solutions for smart homes and smart buildings
  • Save money
  • Allow energy trading (e.g. buy/store energy off-peak, sell back to the network on peak)
  • Offer true ‘Cleantech’ credentials

Our systems are designed for a range of end users ranging from single households, through apartment buildings, large office complexes and even distributed networks. We have developed a special variant for boats and yachts. We are also building a network of Electric Vehicle charging stations, again driven by our Powered by Olife technology. For us this is not just about improving urban air quality, reducing the cost of producing, maintaining and operating cars and improving the efficient use of energy. Our charging solutions go beyond our competitors by offering intelligent solutions. We are based in the Czech Republic, an EU Member State, but are currently seeking to expand our business internationally.